In 2013, Ken Beam and John Wayne met through Beam’s philanthropic efforts helping veterans with traumatic brain injuries (TBI). This friendship strengthened over the years as they continued to connect through various charitable ventures.

In 2017, JWW decided to sell his veteran-handcrafted firearm company, 5 Toes Custom, and during that process a business mentor suggested connecting with Ken Beam for his next endeavor.

John Wayne, a service-disabled, Hispanic veteran, formed Gallantry Global Logistics. A small logistics company, delivering military grade service powered by Pegasus Logistics, a $140 million company with an extensive network of partners and 2+ decades of proven success.

Gallantry Global Logistics is where industry expertise, custom technology, continual communication, and service excellence simply help you deliver.


The Meaning Behind Our Logo


The story behind the logo is all about John’s valor and our proud military history. The stars signify John’s receiving of both the bronze and silver star for combat.

The word Gallantry derives from the inscription on the back of the silver star “Gallantry in action”. The historic V-42 dagger is a profound symbol that reminds John every day of the blood, sweat and tears it took to be given the honor to serve in our special forces. That hard work and effort reminds him daily that he must take that same mindset to the service logistics industry. The three bolts evoke the unconventional nature the special forces/green berets have the ability to strike and infiltrate land, sea and air. It cascades brilliantly to the services behind Gallantry supporting air cargo, surface and ocean transportation.


    Forward-Thinking Industry Leaders

    Pegasus redefines the standards for time-definite transportation. The proof is in our continuous growth with a tenured Fortune 500 client base. We have made a commitment to improving industry standards in the marketplace. We do this by hiring and cultivating an environment of employees who don’t settle for the status quo. Our team of experienced pioneers will work with you to understand your logistics needs and build a tailored solution specific to your supply chain. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, only custom solutions. Think of us as an extension of your company. We know that with market leadership comes responsibility—a responsibility to improve and succeed. Pegasus harnesses the power to do amazing things with our clients.

    An Original Approach

    We work to provide a truly solution-focused, flexible network. Pegasus invests resources into employees, technology and a superior transportation network. This approach frees us from an asset-heavy environment beholden to the push-pull mentality of multi-location facilities with large footprints in every market.

    We have strategically positioned capacity available for your ever-changing supply chain. The Pegasus operational model demands that strict performance benchmarks are met, and that our clients receive the best value and efficient results with the most reliable service.