Success Stories

H&K International

Pegasus helped H&K develop a scalable routing, tracking, and delivery plan. From small shipments to nationwide rollouts, real-time visibility is a reality that helps H&K manage unplanned challenges.

Mike Brinker, Distribution & Logistics Manager at H&K International, shares his experience with Pegasus here.


Pegasus worked with Flowserve to implement a standardized solution with global reach, creativity, and a win-win philosophy. From small envelopes to huge crates, Pegasus’ service helps Flowserve deliver.

Rob Lewin, Director of Global Logistics at Flowserve, describes his experience with Pegasus here.

How We Achieve Success

Collaboration. Execution. Client Service.

Careful, attentive collaboration builds success. We determine value, assess objectives, analyze data, design solutions, and transition methodology when working on your business needs.

We take all the uncertainty out of logistics with our pre-call process and site profile database, all in sync with our global certified network, to help ensure total supply chain visibility and a smooth, transparent execution.

Client Service
Stick the landing. Excellent client service execution ensures that goals are met and loose ends are secured. Utilizing the Net Promoter Score (NPS), execution metrics and business reviews helps your logistics needs walk the path of continuous improvement.

Industry Case Studies

Asset Recovery

This was a great example of how Pegasus operates, rolling our sleeves up and working side by side with our clients to help implement solutions that solve fundamental business challenges.

Time to Market

By collaborating with Pegasus and allowing us to act as a true partner on the logistics side of the business allowed them to really focus on meeting production deadlines.

Trade Show Support

The client embraced the higher level of service allowing them control carrier selections, increasing overall revenue and margin to our customer.

Major Auto Manufacturer

The inventory and warehouse management solution for the client was extremely cost effective, enabling the client to reach sales targets and save money.

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