White Glove Delivery

It’s More Than Just White Gloves.

When You Need Respect, Trust, and Special Handling, You Choose Gallantry for Your White Glove Business to Business Delivery Needs.

What are White Glove Delivery Services?

Transporting a shipment from origin to destination is easy. But after it gets to the destination, there’s still work to be done. The final mile can be a lot for your or your clients to tackle alone, and providing the best customer experience can be difficult if you’re not working with the right partner. That’s where Gallantry Global Logistics White Glove Delivery Services come in.

With our White Glove Delivery Service, you won’t have to lift a finger. We take care of everything including:

  • Site precalls to dodge any potential curveballs
  • Origin and final mile site specific profiles for consistency of service
  • Removing and disposing of debris and packing
  • Product placement
  • Photo’s and delivery checklists

The Value of Using a White Glove Delivery Service

We want to make all your shipments of a consequence headache free. Do it right and client loyalty and a competitive advantage help ultimately drive additional revenue.

Explore a few reasons why White Glove delivery offers value you can’t pass up.

  • Differentiate Your Company from Your Competitors – When it comes to service, you want to stand out. By using the right White Glove delivery service, customers can count on your products or equipment to not only be delivered on time but with a special touch of superior service sure to build brand loyalty. Adding this incredible component to your service offering ensures potential clients will choose you over the competition. Anyone can make a simple delivery. That’s like having vanilla ice cream. But, if you and your clients are looking for something with sprinkles and a cherry on top, Gallantry Global Logistics is the answer.
  • Protect Your High-Value Products – You always want your equipment or products to arrive safely to their destination.  When your high-value products are handled with care, you’ll avoid damages and the additional costs that come with them. Our White Glove Delivery Services also help the technician or contractor wiring or installing your equipment to focus on their specific job, instead of trying to move products around at the final mile. Leave the heavy lifting to the experts!
  • Add Value – Offering White Glove Delivery Services for your products is easily considered an added value for clients.
  • Build Client Loyalty – Your products and equipment are already the outstanding aspect of your business. Now, with our White Glove Delivery Service, you can make product delivery process go smoothly. With better service, it’s easy to build customer loyalty and increase recurring revenue from clients whose trust you’ve earned.

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Dedicated Support Model

Do you have a question about your delivery? Would you like to know when exactly a delivery will arrive? Helping our customers anytime, day or night is one of our company’s chief aims. We approach every delivery as another opportunity to make your business look great.

With any delivery, even White Glove deliveries, challenges need to be handled in real-time. To help you cross those hurdles, you need a supportive partner with a deep understanding of your business, instead of a generic customer service hotline to call. When you partner with Gallantry Global Logistics, you work with a dedicated support team, full of familiar names and faces. Your important shipments are in trusted hands.

We’re here to help you, and this support model allows us to understand your business better with each delivery. View us as more than a delivery service – we’re your partner in maintaining a successful business.

Tools for Managing White Glove Delivery

Even if you’re not on-site, you still want to be sure the managed delivery is up to your standards. We want every delivery to be expertly executed, so we offer a few tools to ensure each delivery is a success.

  • Site Profiles – We meet all customer-defined site requirements, addressing even the most unique delivery needs. And, once a delivery or pick up location is in our system, it’s there forever. So, your experience is recorded for consistency of service, as we build off any nuances or uniquenesses at the final mile, and proactively work with partners to ensure they are prepared for on-site arrival.
  • Delivery Checklist – Our delivery experts verify that every job is completed with the utmost attention to detail. With our delivery checklists, we provide a consistently great experience by making sure every driver signs and verifies they know the expectation of the specific job.  
  • Photos – Clients with White Glove delivery receive comprehensive photos of the product in its final location to show that no damage occurred during delivery.
  • Standard Operating Procedures – We follow both internal, field-specific operating procedures, and also customized operating procedures for our clients.

White Glove Project Logistics

With shipments of consequence, there’s a lot of sensitivity surrounding the final mile. This can make or break any specialized project. In many cases, your clients are on a very strict SLA deadline as installers, technicians, or construction workers are often scheduled around the delivery date of a product. If your product isn’t there or arrives damaged, your client could have significant SLA penalties associated with rescheduling or missing a deadline.

Important deliveries can often be chaotic, with a lot to do in a short amount of time. Our White Glove Delivery Service was designed to cut down on the chaos and make every delivery as easy as possible. At Gallantry, we thrive in these environments, thanks to our experience micromanaging the final mile.

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